The Power of Catholic Education

Lima Catholic schools are dedicated to partnering with families to provide a comprehensive education rooted in experiencing Jesus Christ through His values and teachings in the light of the
Tradition of the Catholic Church. Our schools prepare our students to discern their individual talents, be stewards of the faith and serve the greater community.  LCC is uniquely positioned as the only private Catholic high school in Lima. It not only offers a high quality academic education but also opportunities to help create a whole person who will be the next generation of citizens giving back to our community.  

The Lima Central Catholic Educational Foundation’s leadership desires to grow the endowment for the long-term viability of the high school.  Their mission is to provide funds to help keep tuition costs down and provide tuition assistance for students who might otherwise be unable to attend Lima Central Catholic High School. Lima’s three pastors, Father Kent Kaufman, Father Mike Sergi and Father David Ross, the school Governing Board and administration, and the LCCEF Trustees are committed to making the LCC experience affordable to as many families as possible.   

LCC is simultaneously looking to address near-term financial needs because of a projected enrollment dip through 2022. During this temporary enrollment decrease, it is imperative that we maintain programs to retain the growing enrollment in the elementary schools as they enter high school and remain active in the appeal to the broader community of potential families seeking a faith-based education.  Campaign funds will help address the current educational needs of the parish schools St. Charles, St. Gerard, and St. Rose. Our three parish schools are the seedbed of LCC. Growing elementary schools create a great opportunity to grow our high school. 

Funds raised through the campaign will be disbursed as follows:




For more information please contact Kayla Nocera , Director of Institutional Advancement at 419-222-4276 x 2012

The Trustees are responsible for the investments of the General Asset Fund, The Miller Fund and the Scholastic Assistance Fund that make up the LCC Endowment funds. The following currently serve as Trustees:

  • Mr. Brian Walter ’82, President
  • Ms. Renee Contini ’95
  • Mr. Doug Daley ’78
  • Mr. Scott G. Koenig ’78
  • Mr. Nick Liening ’02
  • Mr. Zack McCain
  • Bill Taflinger ’63
  • Mr. John Neville
  • Mr. Mike O’Connor ’82
  • Phil Gallagher 63′ (Liaison)
  • Mrs. Peggy Rector
  • Mr. Kevin Stolly ’88
  • Mr. Rob Terrill
  • Mr. Eric Wiechart ’80

Charlie Gasperetti  ‘74 – Co-Chair              Scott G. Koenig ‘78

Barbara O’Connor ‘82 – Co-Chair                 John Schnieders

Brian Walter ’82 – Co-Chair                          Bill Taflinger ‘63

Faith Cummings ‘71                                        Eric Wiechart ‘80

Kayla Nocera ’08                                               Stephanie Williams ‘98

Fr. Kent Kaufman